The Apprentice remains as one of my favorite and the best reality shows. The contestants are all impressive:smart,successful and some run their own businesses. There’s no voting system shit, it’s all up to you. You determine your own fate. It’s not about making friends, but doing the best as you can in a team. If your team loses, they will point their fingers at the weakest member. And there will be eagle-eyes George and Caroline who watch your every move therefore you can’t say shit when they ratted you out to Trump. 

The tasks are not for the faint-hearted (or faint-brained HAHA). But the reward at the end….are priceless! (it really is, because you can’t really know how rich you can be haha)

And of course,the painfully awesome moment when Trump says “YOU’RE FIRED” gets me every time.

p/s: and oh hey,the name Trump is awesome too. XD