It baffles me how some people can just forget some things so easily. I remember every little thing and every person who meant something to me. How can people just forget and move on with their lives while im reminded of them on a daily basis by all the little things.The smells, the songs, the movies, the foods, the places, the words. How can you forget all that so easily?

I think i’ll remember you forever.

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Happy birthday to… you.


i don’t think people realise how much time i would spend underwater if i could breathe down there like i would wake up and go straight to the beach or a pool and literally just float underwater and think about everything i can’t imagine anything more peaceful than that

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How many times have you typed “I’m okay” with tears streaming down your cheeks?

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do you ever just feel like you’re just completely worthless and unattractive on a physical and emotional level and you’re just never good enough because there’s always someone else that overpowers you with their pretty face and personality and you just instantly back down because you feel you have literally nothing to fight against with

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Now I can’t go to my favorite places

without thinking of you

Now I can’t go for my dream vacation

without thinking of you

Maybe I should just stay in my little room

Lying in my bed, staring at the ceiling

But now it’s even more difficult

Because that’s when I think about you the most


If you play with my hair until I fall asleep I will probably fall in love with you.

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