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I always use my favorite quote when it comes to exams:

"Time is racing toward us"

            -Cpt. Li Shang from Mulan

Thus, my journey begins.

Studying would be the first thing I do in the morning

Before going out, I would take some time to study, even for just a few minutes.

While I’m in class, I would constantly think of studying.

At the end of the day, the only thing I look forward to is to get back in my room to study.

I would binge-studying on days off and weekends. This would give me the boost on the next day because I’ve done so much studying and it feels so good.

I can’t go to sleep without studying.

But it IS hard to be addicted to something that is GOOD for us. So in the paragraph above, replace the word studying with something non-beneficial for humankind.

p/s: as for me, I’m insanely,dangerously addicted to gaming T_T

kobradlydoo replied to your post: Last minute studying. Therefore, I do not deserve…

im kinda on the same situation. only its not even nighttime yet. i already know sleeping will probably not be an option.

AAAARGHHHH I can’t last long without sleep. I surrendered.