I wish that someday someone will invent a way to SMELL stuff from your computer. Like when you google something, instead of the usual “Images”, “Maps”, “Video” there will be “Smell” so you could tell how a certain stuff smell like. This would be awesome when you want to find out how that new perfume from Marc Jacobs smell like so you won’t have to go to the store. Then you could just order them online.

You can google smell of FOOD! It’s like you just entered your favorite bakery without having to go there, smell your favorite coffee from Starbucks when you’re up all night doing assignments. The list is just endless!

Then,of course, there will be stuff which smell bad so there will be a popup which says “The smell of the item you’re searching for is rated as “Addicting”/”Obnoxious” Are you sure you want to proceed?” 

when i’m famous you will all fight over urls with my name in it omg

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